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50 Mile Ultra Results (2004)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Just about every question has been answered on this website. Still some questions refuse to die. Listed below are the most frequently asked questions.

Is There an Early Start?
There is an early start for the 50Mile race at 5:30 a.m. You must have a flashlight with you. It gets real dark in them woods.

If I do the early start can I still win an age group award?
Early start is intended to accommodate people that will be spending more then average time on the trail or think they may have trouble with the time limit. It is not intended to get you back to the finish early. You can win an award but please don't abuse the intent of early start.

As reasonable as the above sounds, unfortunately it was not sufficient. We've had a number of runners who abused the system. So, starting this year, most of the races in the Oregon trail series are implementing a best possible time for early start runners. For this race, those who take an early start can get a best time of 10 hours. So, if you take the early start and run 9 ½ hours your finish time will be listed as 10 hours. If you run 10 ½ hours your finish time will be 10 ½ hours.

Can I bring my Dog?
You can bring your dog camping with you but you cannot run with your dog.

Lilly and her human Brittany helping runners at the aid station.

When will the race results get posted?
We hope to have them up by the week after the run.

Where are the Drop Bag Locations?
See the course web page for all the details but the short answer is
50k: mile 6.1, 14.2, 16.8 and 24.9
50miler: mile 6.1, 14.2, 25, 35.6 and 43.7

Where can I camp?
See the Accomodations web page for all the details but the short answer is Reserve Campgrounds on www.reserveusa.com. You must know the name of the campground you want to stay at to make a reservation on this site. See www.fs.fed.us/r6/mthood/recmen2.htm for campground information. The Mt Hood National Forest is an open camping area. If you can get off the road, you can camp there.

Can nonrunners partake of the finish line food?
No, because of limited supplies we would prefer if only runners used the finish line food. Thanks

Hanging out at the end of the race and eating our chicken soup.