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50 Mile Ultra Results (2004)
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Mt. Hood PCT Ultramarathon Course Photos

The Mt Hood PCT course is a great trail and I wanted to capture it all on 'film'. So, in the year 2001 running of this race, I ran the first 25 miles of the 50 mile run with my camera in hand. If you want all the details of the course, this is where to get it. If you like surprises then don't view these web pages.

Since you probably do not have a 10Mbit/s internet connection, I've broken up the collection of pictures in five sections between the various aid stations. For most of the pictures, I'm defaulting to a small picture being displayed but you can click on the photo and bring up a high resolution version.

Start of 50 mile race in 2001. Mike is off to the right reminding everyone you have to run into Little Crater Lake.


Runners heading out on the road. We head down around the corner - probably 1/2 mile total on pavement.


This shot shows the general uphill climb through this section. It is quite runnable.