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50 Mile Ultra Results (2004)
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This is a great race to camp at. Timothy lake has more than 150 campsites. Race volunteers will be camping at Clackamas Lake campground the Friday before the run thru Saturday. For 2003 they have reserved campsites 19, 22, 25 & 26. Reserve a campsite and join the fun.

Clackamas Lake Where the volunteers will stay.
Oakfork on Timothy lake
Gone Creek on Timothy laek
Pine Point on Timothy lake
Little Crater Lake (aid station on course about mile 6)
HoodView On Timothy lake
Hood Campsites, map
Hood Campsites, Text Listing

To reserve a campground, click on the above, or call 877 444-6777. Note - do not let a lack of reserved campsite stop you from camping. This is a national forest area, you can pull of the road at many spots and just set up your tent.

Volunteer basecamp at Clackamas Lake campground


The nearest motels are in Government camp (21 miles from start). Click for a listing of hotels in Government camp.

The nicest place to stay is Timberline Lodge. This is six miles up the hill from Government camp and is the turnaround for the 50 mile run.

A little further away, the next option is probably the town of Sandy Oregon. Click on this lodging link for a listing of Hotels in Sandy.

Timberline Lodge